F2B Bernedoodles

Zoe & Rudy

Bernedoodle F2B
F2B Bernedoodles

Zoe & Rudy pups are beautiful! Their last litter all had the classic BMD markings. Like Mia & Rudy's litter, these guys will probably be around 40% BMD and 60% poodle (not exactly, that's not how genetics work, but close). Zoe and Rudy both weigh around 45 pounds, so their pups should even out to around this weight as well. They both carry for chocolate, so there's the chance they can produce chocolate tri puppies as well as the traditional black tri puppies. 

Price $3,000

Summer 2022 waitlist 

1-breeders pick

2-breeders pick

3- Clay family

4- Roberson family