Our Moms 


Trixie is a F1B goldendoodle and the pack leader at our house, she's in charge and she knows it, a bit of a diva! She is super loving and definitely a companion dog, loves to be with family and car rides




Bailey is an F1 Bernedoodle and lives in a Guardian home with her family who love her very much. Bailey is just the sweetest girl ever and loves hunting squirrels and snuggling with her people!


Luna is a Chocolate F1B Standard Goldendoodle and just the cutest thing. She lives with her guardian family and enjoys playing catch, going on long walks with the family and then going to claim the couch. Luna will be a Doodling All Day mom in Summer/Fall 2020.

About the Goldendoodle


Ramona is a Multigen Goldendoodle, full of spunk and the life of the party. She has a beautiful butter soft wavy coat. She lives with her guardian family and enjoys eating roasted marshmallows with her human siblings. Ramona is a future goldendoodle mom and expected to have her first litter in mid 2020.


Willow is a Standard F1 Goldendoodle weighing in at 52 pounds. She is one of the smartest dogs ever. Her temperament is perfect, calm and eager to please. In her free time she enjoys a healthy appetite for chew toys and socks. She has been health tested and cleared for over 165 hereditary diseases.

Our Dads

Dexter is a Golden Retriever, and the mischievous one of the group, loves to cuddle but will steal a shoe in the blink of an eye. He is the sweetest dog ever!!! Dexter has been genetically tested and cleared for over 165 hereditary diseases, OFA's of his hips are excellent, and elbows are normal.



Lincoln is an AKC blue merle Standard Poodle. Regal and loving, he is the absolute dream dog. He is calm and affectionate and thrives to make his human (me!) happy. Lincoln will be promoted to a Doodling All Day dad once he has completed and passed all of his health testing. Lincoln carries for sable, phantom, red and chocolate. 

Lincoln carries Eme, Bb, kbkb, ayat

E-vet hips good

E-vet elbows normal

CAER normal 

Available for outside stud to health tested females 


Dracarys is a Standard Cream/Apricot Multigen Goldendoodle. He loves his family and swimming. Dracarys is available for stud to health tested females. 


Is Finn not the most adorable thing ever!! Everyone just loves him, well everyone except for his older fur sibling who frankly finds him a little annoying. Finn is a Standard Red tuxedo Multigen Goldendoodle and lives with his guardian family and I've been told that he loves to snuggle and will hog the pillow at night. He will be a future dad once he's older and has passed all of this health testing.

Finn carries for ee, bb, kbky, atat

About The Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle ranges in size from small to large, depending on the variant of Poodle that the Golden Retriever is crossed with. Originally bred as a larger alternative to the already popular designer breed known as the Cockapoo, the Goldendoodle has proven to be an excellent family dog.

They're also versatile working dogs. Goldendoodles have achieved success as guide dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and sniffer dogs (one study tested their success at sniffing out peanuts in foods for owners with nut allergies). Goldendoodles have also done well in agility.

The Goldendoodle is an affectionate and gentle dog that has gained popularity since he was first developed in 1990s. He's still a young cross compared to other designer breeds, and many of today's litters are the results of first-generation breedings between Poodles and Golden Retrievers.

Goldendoodles are usually highly social and get along well with everyone. They don't do well in any type of guarding or watchdog role and should not be used in that capacity. They can thrive in both city and country settings, but they're not well suited to apartment living, since they do better with the space provided by a fenced yard. Goldendoodles should not live outside or in a kennel, however, since they thrive when they are in contact with the people they love.

Goldendoodles can be very easy to train and are a good match for first-time or timid owners. They're not known to have any aggressive traits, but they do need proper socialization to avoid any shyness or fearfulness. Goldendoodles also need daily contact with their owners; they'll suffer from separation anxiety if they're left for too long.

The best way to avoid any destructive behavior is to crate them and to provide toys and treats to keep them busy throughout the day. Keeping the radio on when you're out is another great way to keep them happy.

Goldendoodles are considered to be non- to light shedders and may be a good match for people with allergies. They do require weekly or biweekly brushing, and many owners opt to have them clipped.

Although Goldendoodles are a young designer breed, that hasn't stopped people from understanding their worth. They have become popular quickly, and their star is still rising. They make excellent family dogs and provide gentle, intelligent companionship throughout their lifetimes.

About The Bernedoodle

The Bernedoodle is a companion dog, through and through. The breed inherits the intelligence of its Poodle parents and the charming, goofy, happy-go-lucky temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Bernedoodles are happiest when they're spending time with their families, children included, and are willing participants in playtime and cuddle fests alike.


The breed hasn't been around for long, so it may be difficult to accurately make predictions about individual dogs. Sometimes they get more Poodle traits, and other times they more closely resemble the Bernese. That said, fans of Bernedoodles adore their friendliness, playfulness, intelligence, and affection. They also tend to be more hypoallergenic, which is a blessing for allergy sufferers.


In addition to their personalities, Bernedoodles can differ in appearance. Their coats can be curly and wavy or straight and come in a variety of colors. They come in three sizes; tiny, miniature, and standard. These sizes are determined by the size of the Poodle parent, which can be toy, mini, or standard. Bernedoodles are fairly adaptable and go with the flow. Smaller sized Bernedoodles make better apartment pets than Standard Bernedoodles, who do best with a yard to burn off energy.


This breed has moderate exercise needs that are usually met with at least one long daily walk. If you need a dog for the whole family, or if you're a single owner looking for a lovable, smart mixed-breed with good health that will put a smile on your face with their antics, you won't be able to find a much better choice than the Bernedoodle.


  • Because they are a mixed breed, Bernedoodles tend to have fewer health problems than either Poodles or Bernese Mountain Dogs.

  • Breeding of Bernedoodles began in 2003 with the sole purpose of creating a great companion dog, not a dog that would perform well in shows or just look cute.

  • They may be stubborn as puppies, but that usually fades with age, and their intelligence makes them very trainable for patient owners.

  • Bernedoodles are usually hypoallergenic and shed very little.

  • Though they are generally good with children and other dogs, early socialization is always helpful in making sure they stay calm and comfortable in new situations.

  • Bernedoodles can vary greatly in appearance depending on which traits they receive from each parent.

  • They are equally happy playing outside as they are cuddling up with their favorite humans.

  • Bernedoodles crave attention and are best suited to a home where they are not left alone for long periods of time.