Charley & Pickles 


 AKC Moyen Poodles

EXPECTED FALL 2022 (September/October)

My very first litter of poodles! I thought I loved goldendoodles (and I absolutely do!!) but man, when I got my Standard Poodle Lincoln, I found the peanut butter to my jelly! I'm kinda obsessed with him, and he's kinda obsessed with me. 

Charley is a Chocolate Phantom Parti Standard Poodle, and Pickles is a mini Phantom Poodle. From the very first time I met Pickles, I fell in love with him. He is owned by Billie Jenkins at Silvercreek Doodles, and we just so happened to both be waiting in the parking lot at a vets office. It was the beginning of the pandemic so no one was allowed to go in. He was in the car with her. I knew then that I needed to work him into my program at some point...and now here we are. 

These poodles, because of their size difference could range in size from mini like Pickles to standard like Charley. Most likely the majority of them will end up somewhere in the middle (30-40 pounds), but there is a chance it could go either way. Because Charley is a Parti Poodle, and Pickles does not carry for parti, all puppies will carry 1 parti gene, so will likely have some abstract markings, probably around the chest, feet or face. These puppies will also be clear of IVDD, so no worries of structure issues. 

Charley - AKC Standard Poodle - 55 pounds
EmE, KyKy, AtAt, bb, spsp
Embark panel clear 
Hips good
Elbows normal
Patellas pending
Cardiac pending
CAER pending

Pickles - AKC Mini Poodle - 10 pounds
Eme (9/10 intensity), KyKy, AtAt, Bb, SS
Genetic carrier for PRCD & MDR1
**IVDD clear**
Hips excellent
Elbows normal
Patellas normal
Cardiac normal
CAER normal
Thyroid normal

Pet homes - $2,500

Full Breeding Rights - $3,500

1-Breeders pick 

2-Breeders pick

3-Miller family

4-Valdez family



Colors Expected: Traditional Tri and Chocolate Tri Poodles
Size: Moyen