Ramona & Duke

Multigen Goldendoodles


Colors Expected: Apricot & Reds with white abstract markings, Red/White partis 

Size: 35-45 lbs

Generation: Multigen

Price: $2,200

February 2021 waitlist (go home April)

1-Breeders pick 

2-Breeders pick 

3-Simpson family

4-Tsang family

5-Boswell family

6-Leavitt family

7-Kurzinger family

8-Vazquez family


Ramona + Duke (or Teddy) September Waitlist


**Ok, let me explain....Ramona & Duke make the most perfect puppies...we know! But last breeding almost did not happen because Duke is about an 11 hours round trip away, and for breedings to be successful, you should breed between 2-3 times in a very short period of time. That being said, I have sought out an alternate stud in the event that we can not make it to GA to breed. This alternate stud is right here in NC, and not a far drive away. If bred with Teddy (14 pound mini Goldendoodle) instead, puppies will be smaller (approx 25-40 pounds) vs (approx 35-45 pounds) with Duke. Puppies will most likely be a darker red vs the more apricot that Duke produces. And puppies will not have any white tuxedo markings, as Teddy does not carry the "parti" gene that creates these. Puppies will however still all have loose wavy coats, be GANA registered (blue ribbon) and of course be adorable. I would like anyone considering this list to be open to either stud, as I am a mother and full time nurse, and cannot always make sudden changes to my families schedule last minute. Thank you for your understanding, and I think that pups will be adorable either way!

Price: $2,500

September 2021 waitlist (go home approx November)

1-Breeders pick 

2-Breeders pick 

3-Moretz family

4-Kelly family (backup to Ollie)

5-Ruiz family