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About Us

Hi, I'm Tnell Pridgen, the face behind Doodling All Day Goldendoodles & Bernedoodles. I am a nurse, a mother, a grandmother and a dog lover! I have been breeding for 8 years now. I fell in love with puppies and breeding when my parents raised Rough Collies when I was growing up. I strive to hold myself to a high standard when raising my puppies for their future families. My goal is to raise healthy, happy, well-rounded puppies who will make an easy transition into their new homes. I health test all of our breeding dogs to ensure I am producing the healthiest puppies possible, I put a huge focus on temperament and perform temperament testing prior to letting my families pick their puppies ensuring that my families are making an informed decision. I also work with my puppies' multiple times a day, ensuring lots of interaction, socialization and mind work to help them learn to problem solve preparing them for their future homes. I stay pretty busy but I am always willing to talk and answer any questions you may have for me, so feel free to reach out!

Meet Carter, affectionately nicknamed our CFO. I fill my Amazon cart with puppy things and he removes them, as he says "we can't afford that", which is code for the more money you spend on these dogs the less you'll have to spend on me lol. He leaves all the dirty work to me, but at least he is willing to wear the puppies out in the yard, so they are worn out for crate time. 

Charlie is my sweet yet rumbustious grandson. He's the wild child that truly gets these puppies ready for living the real life with children. 

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