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See what sets us apart from the rest! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What kind of health testing is performed on your parent dogs prior

to breeding?

All of our breeding dogs are tested for DNA, OFA hips, OFA elbows, OFA patellas, OFA cardiac and CAER (eye clearance). We make every effort possible to ensure you will receive a perfectly healthy puppy and as a result provide a 2 year health guarantee. Of course you can't guarantee life doesn't happen, but our goal is to make sure they are as healthy as possible, and to not breed for anything that could potentially be avoided.

What kind of environment are your puppies raised in?

Our puppies are raised inside our home, in a bedroom that we converted into our puppy area. Even when we can't be with them, we are always checking in on them via Ring cameras. 

What kind of curriculum will my puppy be exposed to while in your care?

We start our puppy curriculums very early at only 3 days old. We begin by performing ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and ESI (Early Scent Introduction with them). Beyond that around day 18 we begin to start introducing some loud noises to get them used to sounds, and also start playing classical music at night, as this has been shown to produce calmer puppies. During the day we play soundtracks of random everyday noises to get your puppy used to different things, such as a vacuum cleaner or doorbell (my big dogs still get stirred up over this one!). We also slowly start introducing different surfaces and textures, and then move up non-stable surfaces like a wobble board. We introduce balls and other animals, squeaking toys, steps, new people and so on. Our goal is to expose them to LOTS of new things so that they aren't afraid of it later in life. We also begin crate training and potty training while they are with us. Most of our puppies go home comfortable being in a crate and knowing there is a certain place they should be going to potty. 


Are your puppies "registered"?

Doodles are a designer breed therefore can't be registered with AKC. Our Goldendoodles are registerable through GANA (Goldendoodles of North America), but our Bernedoodles are not registerable. Sure you can register them with CKC, but CKC will register about anything, so we don't bother. 

How do puppy picks work?

We do puppy picks at 7 weeks of age.....I know its like waiting a lifetime to pick. But we do this for a very good reason, say you fall in love with the most handsome little dude in the litter, but by the time he is 7 weeks old his personality has developed and he is nothing like the dog you wanted for your family. Remember this is a lifetime commitment to this dog, and yikes he's really not what you wanted in a pet. Wouldn't you be disappointed? That's why we like to wait. At 7 weeks we take them to my vet and have their first set of immunizations completed and a complete vet exam. After puppy exams we perform temperament testing, and I have found that it gives a pretty good idea of what your puppy might be like when he/she gets older. Before my families pick I give them as much information as I can to help them make an informed decision on their puppy, to any health findings my vet may discover to potential puppy traits that may not work for your home environment. Its a long wait, but trust me its worth it in the end. You are welcome to visit our home on puppy pick day to make your selection, or we can FaceTime and let you pick virtually if that works better for you. Puppy picks are performed in order of waitlist deposit.


When can I take my puppy home? 

Puppies can go home at 8 weeks of age. 

Do you deliver?

I don't personally deliver but I am more than happy to meet you or your flight nanny at the airport (CLT or AVL). If you need help arranging transport I have a wonderful flight nanny that I am glad to put you in touch with and I also know a couple of very trustworthy ground transporters that will deliver for approx $25/hour. So if you live 5 hours from Valdese, your estimated delivery fee would be $250. Feel free to reach out with any questions related to transporting your puppy, we have sent them all over the Continental US, so chances are we can make it happen. 

Did I miss anything? If so message me and I am happy to answer :)


My poodle Lincoln....just because the look on his face cracks me up

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